2017 ACRBA National Show

Lawrence County RC

Lawrence County Fairgrounds

11265 US-50 Bedford, IN


Apr 8, 2017





The American Chinchilla Color ...

94th ARBA Convention & Show

Indianapolis, IN 

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Oct 1-5, 2017

...  neck fur is to lighter. Eye circles are to be well defined, narrow and light pearl. Ears are to be evenly ticked and match body. Upper tip of the ear should have a distinct, narrow, jet black lacing. Body surface color to be wavy, black ticking to resemble a real chinchilla.

American Chinchilla Rabbit Breeders Association was formed in 1925 to promote the American Chinchilla Rabbit Breed. During the 1920's, the Chinchilla became the most popular breed registered with the American Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association (AR&CBA). The Fur of the Chinchilla Rabbit was most desired by early furriers due to it's coat color mimicking the South American Chinchilla rodent and a fine, dense, rollback fur similar to that of the Blue Beveren. The American Chinchilla Rabbit breeders took the smaller original American Chinchilla Rabbit and began to develop a larger, dual-purpose Chinchilla Rabbit for both Fur & Meat. In 1925, the larger Chinchilla Rabbits were given a breed status and became the American Heavyweight Chinchilla (now the American Chinchilla Rabbit breed). The smaller, original Chinchilla rabbit was named the American Standard Chinchilla Rabbit. 
2017 ARBA Convention & Show IN


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